New Features Alert!

Keep a handle on your church database during this busy season with these helpful new features that have just been added to your church management software! Our team has been working hard to provide new ways to keep track of your people and stay connected and engaged. These new features will help you find and monitor the data that’s most important for all your contacts.

Interactions Text Filter

Looking for all of the counselling sessions where you dealt with divorce? Or all of the follow-up items that include “Graduated” in the instructions or summary? Past interactions around specific topics are easy to find using this new filter.

Search by “Last Contributed” Date

Finding less-active records just got easier. Get a quick list of members who have not given for the last 2 months. Or, combine Last Contributed Date and Last Attended Date to see those who have been completely disengaged.

Next Steps

You can get started with these new features today and use them to help you track and report your engagement more effectively. As always, one of the best ways to keep up with our feature releases is to attend our Release Details Webinar, which happens the second Tuesday of every month.