New Features Alert! 

Keep It Simple With Smarter Reports and Automatic Reminders

(July 1st 2020)

While we know you’ve been busy during a particularly hectic season, your church management software has gotten some major new features added this past month to save you more time and energy. Putting together reports and keeping your team connected shouldn’t be a hassle and these new features are here to make important tasks faster and easier. Here’s the rundown on the latest new features that you can start using today!

All-New Contribution Entry Screen

This new update makes inputting and monitoring contributions faster and easier for you and your team. This update allows for split checks and quicker workflow, including options for pre-filling with the last contribution amount/fund or pre-selecting specific funds. To ease the transition for entry teams, access to the old Giving Input page will still be available until July 14th.

Schedule Reminders

Keep your team on the same page with easy automated reminders. Connect with your team automatically via text or email reminders about their scheduled serving time. You can customize the message and add details or links for specific Schedule dates by clicking the bell icon on your church management software Schedules page.

Relative Dates for Saved Reports

Saved reports are even better with this new date filter option. Save a report for “Fiscal YTD” or “Last 7 Weeks” – whatever range you need – and then run the report any time with just a click. Keeping up with trends has never been easier!

Last Activity Date

Keeping track of all your people is a big task. Stay engaged with your members, visitors, and volunteers so they don’t fall through the cracks! You can now find and sort contacts in your church database by last activity date to see their activity related to attendance, interactions and contributions within your ChMS.

New Features Alert!

(April 29th 2020)

Keep a handle on your church database during this busy season with these helpful new features that have just been added to your church management software! Our team has been working hard to provide new ways to keep track of your people and stay connected and engaged. These new features will help you find and monitor the data that’s most important for all your contacts.

Interactions Text Filter

Looking for all of the counselling sessions where you dealt with divorce? Or all of the follow-up items that include “Graduated” in the instructions or summary? Past interactions around specific topics are easy to find using this new filter.

Search by “Last Contributed” Date

Finding less-active records just got easier. Get a quick list of members who have not given for the last 2 months. Or, combine Last Contributed Date and Last Attended Date to see those who have been completely disengaged.

Next Steps

You can get started with these new features today and use them to help you track and report your engagement more effectively. As always, one of the best ways to keep up with our feature releases is to attend our Release Details Webinar, which happens the second Tuesday of every month.

Got feedback for us? Want to see what new features we are working on? Sign up to talk to us!