Step 1: activate your account

Your first step to success is a brief setup session with our Activation Team to help you get your account ready to accept donations. 

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Why? Good initial setup ensures your digital giving experience is effortless.
We'll save you time and get you on the best path to accomplish your minsitry goals.

A seamless launch isn't hard. It simply requires intentionality, good planning,
and a great partner to help. That's us!  Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes

Success As A SErvice!

As part of your Giving Software, we provide FREE complimentary training and coaching from the moment you join the platform. 

Think of our Giving Success Team like a Super Bowl-winning coach meets world-renowned tour guide. We know ministries because we're from ministries - and we'd love to help you...

  • Implement Giving, Forms, & MinistryOne (mobile-app)
  • Provide Strategy & Resources to Cultivate Generosity
  • Raise Funds and Reduce Cost at the Same Time

Whether you're new or looking for ideas & strategy we'd love to meet with you and your team, one-on-one!

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Find The HElp YOu nEed

(1) Check out our Giving Help Center for regularly updated how-to, implementation, and success resources.

(2) In your Giving software, click the Engagement and Training tabs for helpful Resources, Best Practices, and Success Webinars, such as our Giving Launch Kit.

(3) Need a hand? We're here to help! Connect with our Support Team via chat, email, or phone. We'd love to assist!

(4) Never forget you can connect with our Giving Success Team for FREE complimentary training and coaching!

Free Success Coaching? Who does that? We do! Heart

Launch Guides

Account Setup, Launch Prep & Engagement Tools

  • Prepare for launch, update your website/communications, and utilize our free tools & resources!

How to Setup & Launch Text Giving

  • Text giving remains the simplest way for your donors to give.
  • Did You Know? You can text a keyword (Ex: Welcome) and get a link to a form (like a Visitor Welcome form). Learn how!

Transitioning your Giving Platform

  • Transitioning your givers to a new digital giving solution is not as hard as you think. Let us help!

CUltivating Consistent Generosity

In general, a minimum of 40% of your total budget should come from digital giving to ensure financial stability. And it's our goal to help every organization to be financially free to focus on ministry as opposed to simply keeping the lights on. 

While our Free Giving Success Coaching is one of the best services we offer to help you get there, here's some of our top resources on the subject. 

  1. Quick 5-Part video series explaining why your ministry needs recurring giving
    Knowing your why fuels your passion.. fueled passion = zealous communication!
  2. People engage most when they understand the impact of their generosity.
    Use a Cause-Based Giving or Volunteer Form to rally your community around the areas most important to your ministry!
  3. As a ministry leader, people will follow your lead.
    When you talk about digital giving and do so yourself, so will they.

Looking for more?
Find all of our Digital Giving Help & Best Practices in our Giving Help Center!