HEre's Your BUndle!

Watch Pastor Jeff Manion share his insight on engaging the most people this holiday season in generosity, download the strategy guide, and get our Free Resources to create an ongoing culture of generosity!

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  • EnGAGE Your Members

    Haven't planned for Year-End Giving? 

    In 4 minutes, learn a simple December offering strategy that will rally your members around your mission and vision. 

  • Year-End Strategy Guide

    Tried and true practices to keep you organized and make the most of the season that overflows with generosity.

  • Success, How-To, and Promotion Resources

    Let us help you increase giving and member engagement.

    Three short success principles - coupled with pre-created resources, how-to's and simple next steps. 

BUT Wait...There's More!!! ;)

Youth Uplift! 

Earn $2,000 towards your ministry!

What is Youth Uplift?

A “Thank-You” for your partnership and a meaningful way for us to give back to your ministry – while encouraging recurring giving at the same time! 

The single most effective way to grow giving is to emphasize recurring donations. 

There's no cost, catch, or hidden sales pitch. We simply want to help your ministry thrive!

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Text Giving Is Free! 

Ensure your members can give the moment they feel inspired!

In today's cashless society, it's critical that we enable our members to give on mobile. Introducing Text-Giving is a great way to do so. This will encourage generosity both in December and in the year to come!

Typically $5/month, text-giving is free indefinitely for new sign-ups provided you enroll before 12/31/2019! 

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Pro-Tip: Take advantage of our Pre-Created Promotion Resources to make rollout a breeze!

Jeopardy Tip: The demographic most-likely to give via text is women aged 49-59 with a college degree.