3 Keys to cultivate GEnerosity And Engagement At Year-END

December is a powerful time to celebrate generosity and build long-lasting stewardship. Yet it's often a month that's wildly busy for churches. 

Maximize this opportunity and still complete your to-do's by watching our three short success principlescoupled with pre-created resources and simple next steps.

Simply take one that resonates most and follow our steps to implement...

Example: A simple next step might be introducing Text-Giving or the Mobile App. (video 2). Emphasizing mobile giving allows your donors to easily give the moment they're inspired. This will encourage generosity both in December and in the year to come!

Last don't hesitate to connect with us for Free Coaching - really!

Can your Donors GIve the Moment they Feel INspired?

If it's not easy for our members to give via mobile, they're missing a huge opportunity to participate in generosity!

Learn how to take advantage of the tools you already have!


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Video Course: How to Launch (or re-launch) Online & Text Giving

Mobile Giving Promotion Resources

  • Print, Graphic, Video, and How-To resources to make mobile giving easy

Emphasize Recurring

The single most effective way to grow giving in your ministry is to emphasize recurring donations. Learn three key ingredients to grow your recurring donor base.


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How to Create an Effective Offering Time

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Recurring Giving How-To Resources

  • Pre-Created Videos, Scripts, Letters, etc. to promote Recurring Giving. 

NExt STeps and Additional Resources

We'd love to help you create a culture of generosity within your ministry. Here's some great next steps you can take!

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