How To Link Giving to Your Mission & Vision

A lot of planning goes into a typical Sunday Service welcome, worship, and sermon. However, the offering time is often an afterthought. But it could be more!

As we've coached (and learned from) churches, we've found the more thought-out the offering time, the more likely people are to engage and grow in generosity. And you and I both understand how vital giving is in the life of a believer as well as the ministry of your church!

This principle is the same for your donation receipts and giving statements.

In just under 7 minutes, we discuss: 

  • 7 reasons why your offering time is a big deal.
  • How to link giving with the mission and vision of your church. 
  • And how to end with a specific call-to-action.

Take a few minutes to watch the below and see our pre-created scripts to help connect giving with the mission/vision of your church!


Getting PRactical...

So you've seen the video above and are intrigued with the idea. But talking about giving still feels daunting. (Know you're not alone). There’s just something hard about asking people for money.

That said, churches that successfully create a culture of generosity typically promote giving once a month - often in a simple 2-3 minute 'why' or 'impact' message at offering time.

To help you get started, we've created 7 Pre-Created Offering-Time scripts to use verbatim, or simply as thought provokers to help make your offering time more effective.

7 Pre-Written Giving Scripts

Creative Ways to SHare Impact

The #1 Reason first time donors don't give again is because they don't know the impact of their gift. 

Regularly use testimonies or impact stats in your Offering Time and in your Online Giving Receipts to engage your donors surrounding the impact of their generosity.

As a thought-provoker for things you can share, see the impact image Heartsong Church used as the background for their giving page.