3 ways to Simplify ONLIne GIving & Reduce Cost

We haven't met a ministry worker who doesn't wear 13 hats :) 

With that in mind, each of our 3 tips can be setup in 5 minutes or less and still make a significant impact!

(1) Automated Recurring Giving Reminders

Setup Automated Reminders asking donors if they’d like to make their gift recurring. You can set the frequency of these reminders and customize the text. 

I like to think of recurring giving as "Choosing in Advance to give your first to God." These reminders can be a tremendous way to encourage this within your ministry!

Recurring Giving Reminder

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(2) Allow Donors To Cover Processing Costs

When you enable the option to cover the processing costs, it can significantly reduce expenses plus give your members an opportunity to meaningfully impact your ministry. 

Convenience Fee

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(3) Display Full Giving History

Setup your giving form to show both online AND offline donations. Once a donor logs in, they’ll be able to see their complete giving history, making your giving portal a one-stop-shop for donors to review and manage all their giving. 

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(4) BONUS! Use A Mobile App To Make Giving Super Simple

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2021...

  • 85% of Americans use a smartphone
  • 61% of those 65+ also use a smartphone (it's not just the 40 & under crowd).
  • Over 50% of worldwide internet traffic is from mobile apps (TechJury)

Using an app makes it easy for your members to give and engage the moment they feel inspired. 

Take advantage of MinistryOne, our member-facing mobile app (included at no extra cost with your Giving Software)! 


More Than A Simple Giving App

MinistryOne is designed to be a central hub to engage your community with sermons, live-streaming, your ministry calendar, registration-forms, your church directory, prayer requests, and much more

To see how MinistryOne might practically benefit your ministry, watch our brief our brief live demo.

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