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MinistryOne is your members' central hub that brings our all-in-one solutions together, allowing them to effortlessly, and continuously, connect with your ministry.

  • Sermons & Live-Streaming
  • Push Notifications to keep everyone up-to-date
  • Digital Giving, Fundraising & Donor Giving History
  • Event Registration and your Ministry Calendar
  • Member Directory, Groups, and even a convenient Group Finder

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Note: MinstryOne is included with our Giving software at no extra cost!
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Why Use A Mobile APP? 

(1) Mobile Apps Streamline Engagement

Apps tend to make tasks simpler than your website on mobile - especially for members of your ministry. And when tasks are simpler, your community is more likely to engage

Let's use online giving as an example. Compare the steps to give via website vs. MinistryOne.

Web Browser Mobile Giving

  1. Open your Smartphone Browser
  2. Type in your ministry domain name
  3. Navigate to your giving page
  4. Spend 20 seconds logging in. (40 if you're like me and mistype your password Winking Face  )
  5. Donate

Mobile App Giving (screenshot below)

  1. Open MinistryOne
  2. Tap Give
  3. Donate


Final tally: 5 steps to 3. (6 to 3 if you consider mistyping your login credentials).

Using an App, the two steps missing are the most time-consuming & error prone, typing website domain name and login-credentials on a small mobile keypad. When you avoid all that - it's just plain simpler. 




(2) Mobile Apps Focus on What Your Audience Uses Most

In 2021, 85% of time spent on mobile devices was within an app. (Pew Research). 

Why is that true (and important)? A good app displays the things your audience uses regularly. And if you're like most ministries, your members visit your site for just a few key things. Based on a *2-year data study of church app usage,  here's a list of the top 5 features in order of use.

  1. Directory
  2. Check-In
  3. Giving
  4. Sermons
  5. Events/Calendar

Summary: When the features your audience uses most are in a singular, easy-to-use location, they are much more likely to engage with your ministry and with each other!

*MyChurch App Usage Study (Elexio)

(3) Mobile Apps Enage Your Community on the Devices They Use Most

In 2021, did you know...

  • 85% of US Adults own a smartphone  (Pew Research).
  • 61% of those 65+ regularly use smartphones. Your Grandma is mobile-savvy Winking Face   (Pew Research).
  • On average, US Adults spend 5 hours and 44 minutes on their mobile device every day! (TechJury).
    (Think Millenials & GenZ are responsible? Think again. Baby Boomers average 5 hours daily)!

Takeaway: If you're a typical ministry in the US, over 4 out of every 5 adults who you engage with regularly have a smartphone easily in reach. And they're checking it. A lot.

The Big Picture

Regardless of our personal feelings about mobile, if we are interested in being fishers of men and building disciples, it's important that we cast our nets where the fish are biting

Mobile has been, and will continue to be, one of the biggest ponds.

Using an App will ensure your voice is heard AND your audience can engage the moment they feel inspired.