ONline Giving Batches: NOW Automatically Generated!

So How Does this Help ME?

More Detail - Faster

See daily online giving without filtering a report or switching to your Giving Software. Click a batch and see all the details.

Improved Reporting

With offline AND online giving in unique batches, it's easier to review contributions during a specific time frame - and much simpler to export to your Accounting software.

(Not inputting contributions in a batch? Learn why you should!)

Simpler Reconciliation

Batches make finances easier to follow & reconcile to your Bank & Accounting software. Save Time.

(Speaking of saving time...did you know we offer integrated Payroll & Accounting software designed specifically for ministries?)

your ONline Giving Just Got an Upgrade!

This new feature comes as part of your upgrade to PaymentBrands, our own online giving Merchant Provider.

This transition represents literally years of work and is part of our ongoing committment to equip you with the best ministry software solutions. Don't miss all the new features & benefits within your Giving software!

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