We've UPgraded Your Merchant Account!

We’re excited to introduce you to our in-house payment processing division, Payment Brands!

Payment Brands is our own processing division for both cards and eCheck transactions. The great news is this transition will be completely seamless and require no action on your part.


  • No impact to donors: All one-time and recurring gifts will continue to process as scheduled, with no delays or interruptions

  • More Options: We can continue to provide you with net deposits, or we can update your account to receive gross funding and even manual funding! You will also have the ability to submit partial refunds!

  • Reporting now includes new filtering options, the ability to save reports, and more! Learn more! 

  • Better Integration: Payment Brands provides a deeper integration, which allows us greater control over the transaction experience and increased platform stability

  • Increased Support: The Payment Brands’ integration provides greater visibility and increased tools for our support teams to assist you with your processing needs

Additional Items to Note:

  • New Deposit Descriptor: Once your transition to Payment Brands is complete, activity to your bank account will appear as “Payment Brands.”

  • You may need to approve Payment Brands activity with your bank. If your bank account has ACH restrictions in place, you’ll need to add Payment Brands to your approved list. Please contact your bank at your earliest convenience to ensure there are no delays in your ability to receive future deposits or billing. You may need to provide them with Payment Brands’ Company ID which is 1043575881.

Questions? Join us for a Live Q&A!

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