Clover Website FAQ's

Where Can I learn more about Clover Websites? 

For starters, check out and watch the 1 minute intro video. 

Afterwards, check our their features, designs, and even kick the tires with a free demo. 

(Note: If you're not yet sure that Clover is the right fit for your ministry and you want us to wait on migrating your content, please let us know. We want to make sure you're absolutely comfortable and are happy to help answer any questions you might have).

Site Migration FAQ's

Will the cost of my website change? 

No. For your first year, your monthly fees will remain unchanged. Starting your second year, your cost will decrease to $34/month :)

Are they any one-time fees?  

No :) As a valued long-time partner with Elexio, we're waiving the standard $500 setup fee. 

When will my content migration begin or be completed? 

We will email you the week we plan to migrate your content as well as when it is completed. If there are important dates we should be aware of, please email us at

Can I change my design?

Yes. We will convert your content using "Enber." However, if you'd like to change your design after migration, simply email and we can make the design change for you. With CloverSites, there is never a charge to change designs!

What if I'm not sure if Clover is a fit for our ministry?

We want you to be absolutely comfortable in this transition. To pause your migration, fill out this form.
Make sure to include any questions/concerns and we'll follow up. 

Can I migrate my own content?

Yes! Many times, a website transition is a great opportunity to update your content & menu structure - and who knows your ministry better than you! 

If prefer to migrate your content without our help, your monthly fees will immediately decrease to $29 per month. If that's the route you choose to go, please let us know here!

Questions or Concerns?

Please don't hesitate to schedule a call with our team! We'd be happy to help!

Schedule a Call

Most questions regarding Clover Website tools can found in our online help.