Spring FOrms


Use Forms to can save time and simplify engaging your community this spring.

In just 30 minutes, we reviewed how to create and manage 3 common types of forms that will help you in 2022. 

Watch the recordings and check-out our resources to see our form examples again - coupled with helpful best practices.

  • Efficiently Capturing Guests & Giver Information

    Be ready to engage with guests this Easter using your digital solutions. Join us for a session on how to build your electronic guest card to capture the right information. Learn how to make this form available online, via text and with a QR code.

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  • Leading with Your Cause

    The Lenten and Easter Season, for most ministries, is a time where cause and purpose are easy to talk about when we refocus our ministries around the Good News. Join us for a 30-minute webinar for a walkthrough on how to build your own personalized, cause-based giving form to engage your members and regular attenders, reach out to seasonal guests, and guide your ministry as a part of your mission leading up to this joyous season. 

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  • Engaging Your Community with Opportunity

    Easter brings with it a flurry of activity from outreach events to vigils, egg hunts to extra greeters. Learn how to use forms with sign-up slots to easily engage your community of faith in whatever activity you are planning. Hop on this 30-minute webinar for a step-by-step demonstration on how to build a simple form to organize your work and engage your people. 

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Need an Extra Boost?

If you use our Giving Software, we offer Success as a Service!

Sign up for FREE Complimentary Forms Coaching. We'd be happy to connect one-on-one for simple how-to, best-practice, and even promotion strategy. It's our goal to help both your ministry and your audience connect & engage!

(Note: our complimentary training assumes some base familiarity with Forms. If you're brand new to forms, or simply looking to understand how they can help your ministry, first watch our Forms Overview Webinar).