Getting Started With yoUR Ministry Brands Solutions


  • Get Started with Giving

    First Tuesday of Every Month at 2PM CST

    Get ready to unleash the full potential of your new online giving platform! Designed specifically for administrators, this dynamic session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and optimize your online giving platform. 

    From managing donor data to leveraging reporting tools, our expert trainers will guide you step-by-step through the platform's functionalities. 

    Join us for this empowering webinar and unlock a world of possibilities to streamline your fundraising efforts, engage donors, and drive impactful results. 

  • Get Started with People
    Second Tuesday of Every Month at 2PM CST

    Getting started with your People is quicker than you may think. Start organizing your people, engaging your donors, and amplifying your ministry!

    Join us for an overview of the basic steps for organizing your people in this 30 minute webinar. We'll cover the first steps of general settings, adding people, organizing groups and creating permissions. There will be team members ready to answer your questions through live chat.

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  • Create Your Giving Transition Communication Plan
    Third Tuesday of Every Month at 2PM CST

    Whether you are launching digital giving for the first time or making a transition from another provider - having a clear communication plan is key to your success! Join us as we walk through best practices and communication planning for your giving module!

    You'll consider your strategy for email, social, and written communication. We'll point you to all the places to find the links and resources you need to share. Don't miss the great examples and samples we will provide to make communicating to your givers simple and fast.

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  • Getting Started with your Mobile App/MinistryOne
    Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at 2PM CST

    Make your ministry mobile! Join us for a walk through of the basic setup of your MinistryBrands mobile solution. Design a place for your people to connect with your ministry, stay in the know, exercise generosity, and be encouraged! Team members will be available to answer questions through live chat as well!