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Fellowship One Premier Sessions

Get to Know FellowshipOne Premier  

When you think of FellowshipOne, do you think it only does the features related to your role? Are you looking to see what other great features FellowshipOne has to offer? Then this is the session for you. Let’s look at many of the GREAT features of FellowshipOne Premier - whether you're a brand-new user or you're looking to learn more, you won't want to miss this session! 

Session Features: FellowshipOne Premier Portal

FellowshipOne Premier Data Integrity & Assimilation

Behind every number you see in FellowshipOne is a name. These numbers and names tell a story… but is it telling an accurate story? This session will focus on the data and processes needed to create and manage an effective engagement process, from first-time guests to longtime members and more. 

Session Features: People, Reporting, Attributes, Mass Email, Mass Texting, Forms