Typically $5/month, Text-Giving is free indefinitely for new sign-ups...provided you enroll before January 1st!

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Beyond giving via text, enabling Text-Giving will also allow your donors to login to your Giving Page via their Cell Phone!

Even if you choose not to use Text Giving, the convenience of cell number login makes it even easier to give via mobile. Whether right in church or on the go, ensure your donors can give the moment they feel inspired! 

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Youth Uplift!

Earn $2,000 towards your ministry!

What is Youth Uplift?

A “Thank-You” for your partnership and a meaningful way for us to give back to your ministry – while encouraging recurring giving at the same time! 

The single most effective way to grow giving is to emphasize recurring donations. 

There's no cost, catch, or hidden sales pitch. We simply want to help your ministry thrive!

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Start a Spark Campaign

The free Spark Campaign is a done-for-you plan that helps you amplify your fundraising strength for a short period of time. 

It combines expert coaching and ready-to-use resources with a strong focus on recurring and online tithing. More importantly, it provides a huge boost for your church budget, both now and in the future.

Provided free by - the Spark Campaign is one of the best tools we've seen to inspire generosity.

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