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Don’t be intimidated by the live launch of your new giving platform. We're here to help make it seamless and easy. From setup to coaching, we've got you covered!

STep 1 - GIving Form Setup

We'd love to help you get started by creating your Online Giving Form for you! 

All we need are the funds you would like to display!

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STEp 2: Guided Roll-Out 

Launching Online Giving doesn't need to feel scary. Let our coaching team step you through it - for free!

We'll provide you free one-on-one training, best practices, as well as resources you can use for a successful launch.

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"With your easy-to-use tools and personal guidance, online donations now make up 50% of our budget. Our finances are consistent and I no longer have to worry about summer or holiday slumps. I’m 66 and lead a small church of 150 with just my wife and I on staff. If we can do this, you can too!

- Jerry | Kingdom Point Church