Simple TipS to EnCOURAGE Consistent Giving

"An emphasis on recurring giving is the leading way to grow church giving."*

As a long-time church coach (as well as ministry leader), developing a mindet of generosity is key to both personal discipleship and funding your ministry. Among many other things, Recurring Giving develops consistency for both the disciple and helps your ministry plan in advance. (More on the benefits of Recurring Giving).

ersonally, recurring giving helps my wife & I 'choose in advance to give our first to God,' or as I've heard other pastors' say it, "Automate the Important." 

Within our software, here's a few simple tips that can help you build consistent giving. 

- Tom Kline, Ministry Success Coach

* Church financial study, Giving Rocket

(1) Set Your Giving Form to Display to the Recurring Tab First

Most people don't just wander into church one day and think, "Oh, I'm going to setup a recurring gift!" They need to be asked, often multiple times. 

In addition to your communication, loading the "Recurring" tab of your Giving form first is a tremendous visual reminder of your communication. Organizations who do so tend to organically see recurring giving increase.

Recurring Giving Reminder

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(2) Automated Recurring Giving Reminders

Enable Automated Reminders asking donors if they’d like to make their gift recurring. You can set the frequency of these reminders and customize the text. (I suggest every 3 times a donor gives). 

These reminders display beneath your 'thank you' message after a donor gives (below) and only appear for individuals who haven't arlready setup a recurring donation. 

Recurring Giving Reminder

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(2) Allow Donors To Cover Processing Costs

When you enable the option to cover the processing costs, it can significantly reduce expenses plus give your members an opportunity to meaningfully impact your ministry. 

Convenience Fee

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(4) BONUS! Use A Mobile App To Make Giving Super Simple

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2021...

  • 85% of Americans use a smartphone
  • 61% of those 65+ also use a smartphone (it's not just the 40 & under crowd).
  • Over 50% of worldwide internet traffic is from mobile apps (TechJury)

Using an app makes it easy for your members to give and engage the moment they feel inspired. 

Take advantage of MinistryOne, our member-facing mobile app (included at no extra cost with your Giving Software)! 


More Than A Simple Giving App

MinistryOne is designed to be a central hub to engage your community with sermons, live-streaming, first-time visitor forms, your church directory, prayer requests, and much more

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