ContrIbution Statement SuccesS Webinar


1. Contribution Statement Walk-Through Guides

Looking for a brief overview or FAQ's? Check out our updated Giving Statement Help Resources.

2. Pro-Tip: Link Giving with Mission & Vision

In our Webinar, we shared some simple ideas on how to use your Year-End Statement to highlight the impact your church is making and help engage donors for the future.

Watch Pastor Ben Crawshaw's 7-minute video on this principle - plus get free resources you can use to make it practical!

3. Free Giving Engagement Coaching

Did you know we offer Free Online Giving Coaching? We'd love to help your church make the most of your Giving Software and help increase overall giving. Learn more and sign up!

4. Monthly Release Details Webinar

Stay up to date with New Features, Tips, and our Product Roadmap. Even if you can't make it, we'll send you the Webinar Recording. Sign up and Stay in the Loop!

5. Check Out

Resources for church leaders, by church leaders. Visit for a litany of helpful tips for your ministry.

Personally, I love the Spark Campaign. It's a done-for-your plan to inspire generosity, with expert coaching and ready-to-use resources. It's honestly one of the best free resources I've seen to help churches thrive financially.