Success Coaching

It's our goal to help every church succeed. We offer both FREE & paid options to help you make the most of your church Tech. 

Who we are: Like the best sports coaches, our Success Coaches are part teacher, part cheerleader and part visionary strategist.

Success Coaching was born from our years of experience in providing support to meet church's needs, and comes from our team of pastors, elders, children's ministers, youth workers and church volunteers.

Coaching Options

FREE Question & Answer Sessions

Join our group sessions every Tuesday and Thursday! View the presenter's screen as our software experts walk you through your "How-To" type questions regarding our ChMS & Giving software. Learn More!

FREE Online Giving Engagement Sessions

No hidden sales pitch, no catch. Free coaching to help your church inspire giving. 

We'd love to help you increase online giving, lower costs, provide success strategies and pre-created resources you can re-use. Really, anything we can to to help you succeed. Book a FREE one-on-one session today!

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"With your easy-to-use tools and personal guidance, online donations now make up 50% of our budget. Our donors can easily setup recurring gifts online, via mobile, or text. Our finances are consistent and I no longer have to worry about summer or holiday slumps. I’m 66 and lead a small church of 150. It’s just my wife and I on staff. If we can do this, you can too!"

- Jerry | Kingdom Point Church


This option is great for tech-savvy church admins who feel comfortable with self-learning. Delve into our library of free resources and tutorials to execute a successful transition and become a data master at your own pace.

You’ll have access to step-by-step Data Migration Tutorials, In-App Help and Tutorials, 40+ Essential Learning Videos, and email, phone, and chat support.


First, take advantage of our Education Webinars - over 10 hours of exclusive recorded coaching and training. These resources are tremendous for overall best practices and helping new team members get up to speed. 

Next, Access our pool of trainers* to jump start your software success. Book up to 5 personal training sessions with our experts, who will use video conferencing technology to train you and your team to become data masters. 

Our goal as your ministry partner is to help ensure your team is fully confident with your system and understands how to use it for real ministry success. A smooth data transition and foundational training will fast track your team’s software confidence.

*Pool of Trainers: Unlike Guided (below) your trainer may differ each session.


In addition to the exclusive Education Webinars (above), book up to 10 personal training sessions with a coach dedicated specifically to your ministry. This option is ideal for a busy ministry looking to make the most of all the tools included with our ChMS & Giving software. 

Not only do we train you and your team, there's ample time for best practice - saving your ministry time, helping you find quick value, and ensuring you're setup to best connect and engage with your community.


Feel like you're just scratching the surface of what our tools can do? Or are you looking for a comprehensive training plan? Then this is for you! 

You will get UNLIMITED access to one of our Success Coaches.  You coach will meet with you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your implementation.  Based on that analysis the coach will put together a plan to train and guide you to fully utilize the software to support your ministry processes.


Increase the ministry impact of your software implementation through in-person training, consultation or launch–day services. Sometimes there is just no substitute for face-to-face service.

Connect with an Account Executive with further questions or how to sign up!

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