SMS PRO-TIPS: Add A LInk, SEND TO PARENTS, & Personalize

Mass-Texting is one of your most powerful ministry communication tools. Moreover, a regular cadence of directed SMS messages can significantly improve ministry enagement throughout the week.

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Short Links:

To improve engagement, take advantage of our built-in link-shortner ( - similar to bitly. Add any URL to your message, highlight it, then click the "Shorten Links" button. 

3 ministry ideas where a link is tremendously handy: 

  • Schedule a text 20 minutes before your service begins and link to your live-stream.
  • Thank Your Donors! On the month of a donor's first gift, send a short 'thank you' text that links to webpage or short 'thank you' video that shares the impact of your donors' gifts. 
  • Use the "Parents of Group Members" option to send a message that VBS or Children's Summer Ministry registration is open and link to your registration form.



Send to Parents:

When composing your message, simply select your ChMS groups for childen, then select the "Parents of Groups Members" checkbox (pictured above).

3 ministry ideas:

  • Registration: Send a text & link when for children's events (Don't forget the link shortener for sign-up forms).
  • Volunteer Recuritment: Parents tend to volunteer more often, especially if their children are involved.
  • Reminders: Avoid the line! Remind parents to come 15 minutes early the night VBS opens. 


Personalize messages with @NAME

Simply input @NAME (all caps) into any text message. When the message is sent it will dynamically populate the individual's first name! 

Personalized message not only get better open rates, they also convey that you care. In particular, we always recommend the @NAME feature for SMS messages sent from a workflow for first time gifts or new visitors.

Reminder: we include 1000 free text messages every month with your ChMS Software. If you're not already taking advantage our mass-texting, follow our step-by-step guide to SMS!