As a missionary, financial support is important, prayer is importanter. The same can be said for your ministry. Whatever your need, it's critical to have effective way to share important updates. 

Today, a regular cadence of text-messages would be part of my communication strategy. Why? Unlike email where a 30-40% open rate is considered good, an astounding 90% of text messages are opened in 3 minutes - and 98% are opened overall! 

To improve engagement, take advantage of our built-in link-shortner ( - similar to bitly. Add any URL to your message, highlight it, then click the "Shorten Links" button. 

Here's just 3 simple ideas where a link is tremendously handy: 

  • Schedule a text 20 minutes before your service begins and link to your live-stream.
  • Thank Your Donors! On the month of a donor's first gift, send a short 'thank you' text that links to webpage or short 'thank you' video recorded by your pastor. 
  • Use the "Parents of Group Members" option to send a message that VBS or Children's Summer Ministry registration is open and link to your registration form.


Show Me How!

Pro-Tips For First-Time Texters:

  • When you first send a mass-text, ask your members to save your number as your "Ministry Name" so they'll always recognize text messages coming from you. 
  • Don't Get Spammy! Texts are more personal than email. Clearly define how often you plan to use texts and use Groups to refine your audience as much as possible. A text to your entire church should be used for only the most important items.