Build A Simple Guest Workflow in Under 5 Minutes

Before I could leave, I had to raise at least 90% of my funding. Focusing my "ask" on regular monthly pledges helped me  plan and stay for the long-term better than anything else. By the time I left, over 50% of my financial support was through regular pledged gifts (and this was before the era of electronic donations). Never once did I need to re-focus on finances. 

The parallel to your church & ministry is obvious. Donors who setup a recurring gift allow you to plan in advance for ministry and stay focused on the mission - rather than "keeping the lights on." 

Here's 2 simple ways your giving form can help organically build your core base of regular givers.


Prompt recurring donations by simply loading the Regurring Giving tab first. Ministries who do so tend to see an organic increase in recurring giving.

Recurring Giving Tab

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After someone donates, your giving form can display a customizable reminder message (below). You can customize the message content and the frequency these reminders appear.

Recurring Giving Reminder

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