1) Welcome new visitors into your church family!

Visitor follow-up is just as important as in-person experience! Use a text message to let visitors know how much you appreciated them coming out to visit! The sum of many small intentional acts goes a long way - and even just one simple text is an easy part of that equation!

Here are a few helpful stats to consider:

  • Visitor retention rate is over 85% if you follow up within 48 hours.
  • Add an extra day (72 hours) and it drops to 60%.
  • Wait a week (7 days) and it drops to 15%.

PRO-TIP: Use our link shortner to link to a webpage or form with follow-up or connection opportunities.

2) Inspire connection opportunities through easy-to-follow next steps

As church leaders, we know something exciting is always coming up for people to be a part of. So why not send out some text messages?

When sending texts make sure they are short, and make the call to action simple, usually a link to a page or form. 

3) Relay important information! 

Again, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. Mass texts are arguably the best tool for relaying important information like serving or event reminder - or service delays due to bad weather. Users can receive real-time updates, giving them the freedom to plan or ask follow-up questions. 

4) Encourage them throughout the week! 

We all know ministry isn't exclusive to Sunday. Something as simple as sending a text message during the week is a great way to keep your members engaged. It could be weekly installments of a Bible reading plan or a quick reminder that you're praying for them and are excited to see them on Sunday! Whatever you choose to do, your congregation will know that you care. 

5) Collect and Respond to Prayer Requests and Feedback! 

​Using your mass texting in tandem with Forms is a strong way to receive prayer requests or feedback from your congregation. First, build your form and once it is ready, copy your direct link and paste it into your text message! Make sure to take advantage of the Link Shortener and send out your form and watch the responses come in! Need more help? Check out our article: How to Share Your Form!

Summary: As communication methods have evolved, text-messaging has become the norm for all types of conversations. Ensure your ministry is part of the conversation!


Reminder: we include 1000 free text messages every month with your ChMS Software. If you're not already taking advantage our mass-texting, follow our step-by-step guide to SMS! 


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