Recurring Giving:

Quick Wins

"The single most effective way to grow giving is to emphasize recurring donations."

How to Ask, Show, & SHare the IMpact

Ask: Make it Automated!

Most donors aren't going to wander in on their own and setup a recurring donation. They need to be invited to give in a regular automated fashion, usually several times.

Quick Win 1: 
Automate your ask by setting up a prompt for donors to turn their one-time gift into a recurring gift. Learn How!

Ask: During offering time and on your website!

Not sure where to start?

Quick Win 2: 

Use on of our pre-created templates & scripts below.

Create a Recurring Gift

A Recurring Gift allows you to choose in advance to give your first to God. It also helps us plan and forecast for ministry.

If you've never given regularly before, we challenge you to try it for 3 months - and see what God does.

You can edit, update, or cancel your gift at any time.

You can easily create a recurring gift Online, through our App, or via Text Message.

(See a website using this script)

Automate the Important

As a reminder, we now offer 3 ways to give digitally!

One of the biggest benefits to online giving is the ability to set up scheduled recurring giving.

Setting up scheduled giving allows you to be faithful and consistent in your generosity, and allows us to plan and budget consistently as a church. (As we like to say - Automating the Important!)

I’d like to challenge you to text GIVE to [YOUR TEXT NUMBER], and follow the prompts to set up a recurring gift. You’ll need to quickly set up an account if this is your first time giving with us.

If you need assistance, we’ll have a team set up [somewhere in the lobby] right after service to help. 

As always, we appreciate your faithful generosity! 

Ask: Pre-written Recurring Giving Scripts For Offering Time

A giving script is a short explanation of how the offering works plus a call to action. It’s a one to two-minute talk from a pastor, staff member, or volunteer.

Quick Win 3: 

Use these scripts as intentional, planned moments in your church service. It connects the dots for your congregation and gets people ready to give. 

Get them Here!

Ask: Via Email or Letter!

An email or mailed letter is a great way to invite your members to setup a recurring gift - especially older generations. 

Quick Win 4:

Use one of our templates to get started!

Email/Letter Template 1

Email/Letter Template 2


Use these templates to add your "ask" to a web-page. Then, send your members a mass-text the that includes a link to the page. 90% of texts are read in 3 minutes!

SHOW: How Easy It IS to setup a Recurring Gift

Show: Lead From The Front

When you talk about or promote recurring giving we found it is much more effective to take a little extra time and show your members how to do it. 

So when you're up front, show a quick video or screenshot of how to setup a recurring gift or where people can manage their donations. 

The same goes for your website and your printed material: include instructions on how to do it. Again, we've found this to be tremendously effective. 

Draw from Experience: 

Watch Pastor Jeff Manion announce text-giving at his church.

It's Easier With Instructions!

Videos, Guides, & Pro-Tips

Giver Guides: Use these videos to explain how to give online, with text and through the MinistryOne mobile app.

Written Instructions: Use our pre-written instructions to explain how easy it is to setup recurring gift online or via text.

Optimize your Offering Slide, Bulletin, and Social Media for Generosity: Consistent giving reminders are crucial to on-going giver engagement. Use these free customizable resources and examples!

Real Life Examples!

Sites for Inspiration

Demo Page 1: Includes a great "Ways to Give" section as well as FAQ's later on the page.

Demo Page 2: A Text Giving Page with great Instructions. 

Demo Page 3: A giving page designed for older members. Note the emphasis on security and an option to setup a gift on behalf of the donor.

Other Awesome Websites: More ideas!

Note: You're encouraged to copy any content you like from our "Demo Pages" :) 

But Wait...There's MORE!!!

Looking for further success tips, how-to's, and training?

Our Help Center is chock-full of Advice & Answers. 

Also, don't miss our Free Weekly Training Webinars - great for Best Practice plus Q&A. Find these all under the "Training" menu within your Giving Software!

Last, we even offer Free one-on-one Success Coaching! It's our goal to help your ministry thrive with online generosity in 2022!